embroidered belt

Empire Waist Embroidered Belt (Brown Patterned Belt)

This beautiful Mayan embroidered belt has a round gold buckle in the center. Created as a focal point for empire dresses, this classy brown patterned belt is made on a loom by Mayra and other women weavers in San Antonio, Guatemala. This weaving of intricate patterns is a traditional Mayan art and is depended on greatly in Guatemala as a source of income. It s also a source of pride and tradition for Mayan women.

Each belt is sewn by Tori and Mercedes in El Tizate who have been an integral part of Ambos Designs’ creations for years. The round gold buckle is handcrafted by Rolando, an experienced bronze worker, who has also collaborated with Ambos Designs for over 4 years. Through a process of carving wood, creating moulds and pouring lava-like bronze into the moulds to set for days, the buckles are ready to be cleaned and polished.

The buckles are secured in the center with two gold snaps on either side. This brown belt is available in sizes 30″-38″ and fits beautifully over empire waist dresses.