Natural Beaded Necklace

This classic white beaded necklace is made with naturally grown Lacryma-jobi seeds, more commonly known as Job’s tears. These white seeds are found growing inside a grass native to Central and South America. This eco-friendly necklace can be worn as a long beaded necklace or it can be layered with two or three strands.  The beads naturally vary in shades to white to taupe. It is a stunning piece for a black dress or top!

Merly is the female artisan who hand-beaded each of these seed necklaces in Guatemala. She enjoys having the freedom to choose her own schedule and to be close to her friends and family while she works. Fair trade jewelry provides her with higher wages for the work that she is doing so that she can be self-empowered and productive in her creative endeavors.

$36.00 $28.00