Natural Pendant – Deer Antler Necklace

Made in Boulder, CO, this necklace features a natural deer antler pendant. The thin gold chain measures 32″ allowing the necklace to fall elegantly below the chest. Each unique antler tip has its own unique shade and form, so please indicate if you have specific needs. Deer antler pendants measure about 2-3″ long. This necklace can also be made with 14k gold or sterling silver upon request.

Style: pendant necklace
Material: deer antler tip
Finish: shiny gold chain, gold wire
Length: 32″ chain
Value: exclusive design, handcrafted, Made in Boulder, CO

About Our Company:
Ambos Designs is based in Boulder, CO. The two founders craft locally and work in fair trade product development in Guatemala. Ambos supports individual artisans both locally and abroad by creating products are exclusively designed and handcrafted.