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Kristi Chandelier Earrings

Made from natural lacryma seeds, these elegant dangle earrings are classic in design and lightweight for everyday wear. The natural seed earrings are available with sterling silver hooks or brass hooks. Each earring features 11 lacryma seeds that naturally vary in shade from white to light taupe. The hand-beaded earrings fall about 2.5″ long.

The natural seed earrings are made by Deborah, a stay-at-home mother in Guatemala. Not only do these earrings help generate income for Deborah and her family, but the sales also benefit the non profit, Rising Minds. One half of all profits help to support the volunteer-driven organization to do work such as building family gardens and constructing bottle schools in San Juan, Guatemala.

A special thank you to Kristi Matteson, who inspired this earring design and Zalaya Simmons who helped organize this project!


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