Oval Shaped Black Jade Earrings

These pure jade and sterling silver earrings are made of black jade, a naturally occurring stone that shines beautifully, especially against the contrast of pure sterling silver. The jade earrings are about 3/4″ long and add a dash of elegance wherever you take them! The Guatemalan jade stones are hand-cut and polished in an oval shape and hand-set in sterling silver.

About the Artist: Jewelry artisan Marcelino Tomas comes from San Bartolo, in the central highlands of Guatemala. His workshop in is located in Antigua, a city full of ruins, colonial churches and Spanish Baroque influenced architecture. Over the years he learned the trade of silversmithing in Guatemala and has since been supporting his family with his sterling silver work. This family run workshop serves as a creative gathering space for Marcelino, family and friends. Each of Marcelino’s family members have become an integral part of his business and are supported greatly by his creative work. Marcelino became involved with Ambos Designs 7 years ago where he has worked with on collaborative projects, exclusive designs and fair trade development.